Friday, January 4, 2008

What A Year 2007

2007 has been a great year for Liz and myself. We have been very busy with work, school, and everything else you can imagine. But it has also been a year full of excitement and adventures.

Here is a month to month look at the year 2007 for Travis & Liz

January 2007
After a late night of Lancaster's white elaphant gifts and bringing in the new year at Jon and Jamies. We started off the new year with a snowboarding trip to Big Springs Park up Provo Canyon. We were excited to try out our new boards/gear that we got for Christmas. Since this was Travis's first time and Liz's second we tired are best but ended up with sore butts and shttered confidences. The rest of the month consisted of starting school, diets, gym (Jan. Crap)and sleding with the whole Clegg family up at Soilder Hollow. Travis and Jeremy ended there best year of duck hunting with a couple successful hunts (taking Greg) and started the ice fishing season off with with outing on Utah Lake.

Crazy Santa brought some awesome gifts for Ty, Drew, and Bronx

Soilder Hollow with the Cleggs

Greg passed the hunting test

Febuary 2007

Febuary started off on a good note with a birthday party on the ice. For Jordans 19th birthday we took him to Fish Lake to catch tonz of fish and have a good time together. The rest of the month was just as exciting with the Colts finaly winning the super bowl, Liz and I finally learning how to snowboard from great teachers Doug and Brett at Sundance. Our Valentines was spent watching 2 nights of the action packed, Banff Film Festival which is our family favorite. To top the month off we boarded more, Travis went to Chicago for work, went to a Jazz v. Lakers game, helped Dan and Pam move, and Travis got to baptise Addie.

Fish Lake for Jordan's b-day

March 2007

Our annual winter trip to Lava Hot Springs was as fun as ever. We are really blessed to have such great friends. The main event of the trip was our sledding run we made just outside the cabin. It was so fast I lost control and rammed right into a tree. I thought I died or broke my leg. The rest of the vacation consisted of games, hot springs, movies, and eating tonz. To work off some of the weight of Lava, Travis went with Jeremy, Jordan, and Cash to the Great Basin National Park to help Jeremy with his thesis. We didn't find any good wells, but we did explore the Deeps, caught our first Native Lake Bonneville Cutt. Trout, Chased wild turkys, lost Travis's camera, and fixed a flat tire. After visting the Nevada desert Liz and I took an early spring trip to the Utah desert, St George where we biked Bear Claw Poppy with Mallary, Greg and Jord, rollerbladed, and watched Gunner hit home runs. On our way home we stopped by Zions to hike the narrows and see all its beauty. We celebrated Liz's 22nd birthday in Park Ciy with an afternoon full of shopping, biking, and watching Adrie perform at The Spur. To close out the month I went to the first ever Fly Fishing Film Festival. It was awesome!!!

April 2007

April had its ups and downs this year. It started out fantastic with our annual trip to Las Vegas and Valley of Fire. We went to the swap meet and had a great easter egg hunt with the kids. The down part of the month was my terrible sprained ankle I got from stepping on second base wrong while playing company soft ball. But that didn't hold me down for long, the next weekend I was up fly fishing for huge trout on a secret lake. I had an epic day, 4 different species of trout all over 4 pounds. April ended with our annual trip to the Green River to fish the BWO Hatch. This years trip was one to be beat. We floated the A section 3 straight days, catching fish on dry flies all day long.

May 2007

May marked the begining of camping season for the Gillespies. Liz and I took are first camping trip to Current Creek. Biking season was started with a outing to Payson Canyon. Travis went to California and Texas for work.

June 2007

"Are You Ready to F" was the motto of the 2007 Fishing Frenzy which I was invited. For the frenzy 10 of us fished some of the most famous trout rivers in the world for 5 days straight. It was like heaven. We stayed in Island Park and fished the Henry's Fork, Madison, Bufflo, and private lake. The rest of June was taken over by biking and more biking. (Travis went 11 times) One of the funnest events in June was the Norba Bike Races at Deer Valley Resort, the riders were awesome and the wrecks were sick! After the reaces we hit the bobsled trail and Brett and I landed a nice 5 foot drop. Liz and I also remodeled her salon to make it a little more stylish. We were also able to make it out boating a couple of times.

July 2007

July literally raced by for Liz and myself. Liz ran in the Provo freedom run 10K and she did so good that she beat me to the finish line. oops! That was ok because the day following we were packing up the Lancasters truck and heading to Star Valley for the boys fishing trip. This year was different though we were going to be staying in a 20x15 Wall Tent right on the Salt River bank. (What a Treat) The other difference was that this year we caught way more and bigger fish than ever. I got lucky and hooked a hog 18 inch Cutty that now stands as the largest fish caught on the Salt by our family. From Star Valley one weekend to Deer Valley the next. We found ourselves riding the down hill runs of one of the best bike resorts in the world. We both had so much fun ripping the DH. The highlight of July was our first float down the South Fork of the Snake. We floated 30 miles of river and camped 2 nights on the side of the river. We had a great time catching hungy Cuttys on big dry flies. Some of the hightlights include: Liz reading Twillight, fishing the sandbars, Jordans big Cutt, Zieed, and Crazy Moose. We also biked tonz, boated, and Travis fished the Provo River Caddis hatch.

Liz Freedom Run

Star Valley Fishing Crew Salt River

South Fork Float South Fork Cutt

August 2007

August was a very sad month. If it wasn't for Greg and Mallary's wedding (Greg is a stud) I think I would of just skipped it. I lost one of my best friends and fishing partners for a couple of years. Jordan left on his mission to Iowa and it has been hard not having him around. But on the bright side the week before he left we got to go on one last fishing trip down the Green. Besides the wickedest hell/rain storm I have ever witnessed. It was the best streamer fishing I have ever been part of, and a great way to send him on this way. To make the month worst I got snunked again on the deer hunt. I think the deer are laughing at me. Nick also sealed the deal and got married to Emily. Attaboy Nick! Liz had a great month, after training hard for her half marathon. She finished in a great time.

September 2007

In our house September means Lake Powell and you know what that means? Fun in the hot sun! We spent five days down on a house boat with Doug and Steph and the Fernados. It was a blast! We wakeboarded, surfed, fished, and just laid out. I even read the book Twillight. (Watch Out Bella) The morning after we got back Liz took off to Nashville, Tenn. to help her sister April with their new baby and left me with five kids of my own to tend. (The Fernandos) It was ok cause they are such good kids and we had alot of fun together. Some of the hightlights of the month was our hike up to Meadow Lake in the Unitas, Fishing Price River, Going to hunters safety with Gunner and taking him on the Youth Waterfowl Hunt where he bagged his first 2 ducks.

October 2007

October is my favorite month of the year and here are the reasons why. #1 Fish Lake with the Gillespie's. We stayed at the Elk Horn cabin at the lodge. It was super cold but that was ok cause I brought the Duck Hunting gear for the opening day. Jer and I got five Mallards on a pond that was 95% frozen. #2 Brown trout spawn on the Price River with Dane and Chris. #3 Lancaster Deer Hunting was so nice this year with the big tent. #4 Middle Provo BWO Hatch. #5 My 25th birthday/Halloween party at Stepfanie's Cabin in Farview. We had the best time playing pit, bobing for apples and donuts and watching Jared wet himself while watching The Messagers. We even when four wheeling in the mud and snow to get to Electric Lake with the Allreds.

November 2007

November was are slowest month of the year. The only really hightlight was our trip to New York for our 3rd anniversary. It was a great trip. Liz got to shop a ton, I while i had to work. The best part of the trip was that our hotel was right on Times Square. During our time in NY we saw: Yankee Stadium, Ground Zero, China Town, Little Italy (best NY pizza), Rockafeller Square, Central Park, and everything else...especially HQ.

December 2007

December is the craziest month of them all. It started out with opening day at Sundance. Liz and I got season passes this year so we have been taken advvantage of the soft powder and snowy weather. I went snowboarding every Friday and Saturday for the first three weekends and 8 times total. It was rad! Christmas took the rest of the time, with parties every minute. this year Liz and I decided to surprise each other and get a new TV. I guess it wasn't much of a surprise. But we love our 61 inch surprise. Some of the other things we got were a Disney Land trip, Ipod binie, DVD Recorder, Clothes, Shoes, and a motor for my boat. In all we had alot to be thankful for this year. We have great families, the best friends, and a God who loves us.

-That's a rap-