Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Some Things Never Change!

Just like my early childhood years of writing in a journal, I was never very faithful at keeping it up dated. Part of our reason we haven't updated our blog, is because our camera is broken so we can't post pictures of all the fun things we do, and Travis has no way to prove how big of fish he really catches!

For Valentines we went to the movie Step Up 2 (loved it!! So did Travis!) Then we spent the weekend in Midway, and we went snowboarding on Fri to Sundance. It was the most beautiful day. Then we headed up to Park City to shop and eat at our favorite Mexican Resturant, called the Baja Cantina. Then on Saturday we went snowboarding at the Canyons. It was so cold, cloudy, windy, and miserable. But the snow was pretty good. That place is awesome! So by about 3:00 we were feeling pretty worked, so we decided to head home, and don't worry, as soon as we got to Heber, it was blue skys all the way home. Not cool. But above all, it was a fabulous weekend. Also, I gave Travis the first season of Flight of the Concords. It is the funniest show of all. Anyone who doesn't like it.... we'll never be friends!!