Thursday, July 30, 2009

The City

Travis had to head back to NYC for work, and you know I wouldn't miss out on it!In my hand, I'm holding Whoopi cookies from Magnolia Bakery. I hadn't tasted them at this point, if I had a would have frosting all over my face and a bigger smile! They were Divine!
We saw the Broadway, In The Heights. It was AMAZING!

Didn't flip the picture, but it was raining and we were having a grand old time shopping still! Century 21 is the best place to shop!

Grey's Papaya hot dogs and pina coladas! So delich!

Chillin in Central Park!

On our way to Yankee stadium!

This was the high light of the trip!!
It's always been a dream of mine, as well as everyone in my family to watch a game in Yankee stadium! I don't care what team you like, Yankee stadium is the absolute best! The vibe and the fans are the best!

I love NY but it's always nice to come home to the mountains! And get back to boating!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bring on Summer!

We have some very exciting news! Travis and I just bought a boat! We are so excited and there has been so much anticipation, so yesterday was our first real day, where we actually wake boarded. We were out there all day and couldn't get enough of it!
We also got a new ride! I love my wake board!

Trav with his. We were also trying to think of a good name for our boat, we'll let you know when we find one!

Helmets are a must for this fearless hunk of mine! Boating is my all time favorite thing and I feel so lucky that we really have one now! We are pretty much planning to go out everyday after work if the weather is good, so let us know if you want to come! It will be a party!! Now it feels like summer!

Monday, July 6, 2009

He makes me melt like a popsicle, on the 4th of July

I'm proud to be free... to eat this!
Andrew came into town to visit us! It was so much fun!!! Isn't this the cutest?
Love them!
Who doesn't love a mad game of kick ball against little kids, so we can dominate!

Had to take breaks for dance moves! Nice!

Rock stars performed during our fireworks! More breaks for dance moves!

BBQ time!
And delicious homemade root beer! I love the 4th of July. It's definitely one of our favorite holidays! Hope all of yours was great as well!