Monday, June 23, 2008

He's Finally Home!!!

My cutest little brother just got back from his mission in Taiwan last Tuesday. We are so excited about it! He's is so funny and it's been so great to have him back around! Don't worry, I took it upon myself to take him shopping and to lay out and work on getting his tan back. He came back pretty white. Like kind of a yellow tint. And his eyes were even more slanted. Go figure!!

Welcome Home Andrew!!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Some Fun Stuff!!

Here are some pics of some of the fun stuff we have been doing lately....

Travis and I went to the Green River with some of his friends, and floated down, and they all fished while I worked on my tan and read! It was so beautiful and peaceful.

Here we are starting to gather, in anticipation for my brother in laws performance!

Last Sat my bro in law performed at Thanksgiving Point. It was so fun! He is the lead singer and is amazing!!

On Monday night we went to a Blaze game with my family. We had a blaze! I mean a blast!

Travis was making my nephew Bo laugh so hard and I think this picture is so cute!

And only 6 days until my little bro comes back from his mission from Taiwan!! Woo woo!!!