Monday, April 18, 2011

Maui Babymoon!

Aww! I miss it so much! Maui! It was our first time, and what a way to spend my whole 24th week of pregnantness! It was so great and really was relaxing! First things FIRST! We found the best shaved ice place. Macadamia nut ice cream on bottom, then coconut flavor with leche and sweet and condensed milk! We had to get one everyday!

This was at Gazebo, the BESTEST breakfast place ever! Macadamia nut french toast with coconut syrup! I loved eating here, and I loved being pregnant here because I took total advantage!

Saved ya some!

??? Everyone needs a vacation

Like I said, they had the best food and we ate a ton! This was at Aloha Mixed Plate, another one of our favorites!

We tried paddle boarding and it was our favorite thing we did in Maui! So fun and peaceful! Even for a 6 month prego lady!

Trav went surfing, I was bummed I couldn't

This is where we went snorkeling, at Honalua Bay

We drove the Road to Hana and did a hike to 7 waterfalls, and this was the one at the end. It was so gorgeous

One of the waterfalls on the way...
We rented a jeep which was so fun. This is when we stopped at a stand to get fresh pineapple and banana bread

So WHAT is the "flattering" show off my belly pose? We took 87 pics trying to get a cute one... uuuuhh no.

Eating dinner and watching a Luau

Right outside our resort. Seriously, best week of pregnancy so far! This was a month ago so a little late, and my belly is definitely bigger!!!