Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tribal Jewelry

My sister has some new jewelry, and I'm obsessed! It's fun and different, and a great way to accessorize! Her web site is Here are a few I love, but there are many more!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just Some Spring-ing!

The girls in my family had a baby shower for Deon at The Chocolate! Holy cow, so Yummy! This cute Mommy is due in a few short weeks with a girl!
WE pretty much licked our plates clean!

Easter was fun, going to both families. I found a great hiding place to scare the kids for the hunt!

We had to find our baskets out behind Travis's family's house, and it was seriously hard! Always tons of great goodies in these baskets!

I had a birthday a few weeks ago, on actually the hottest day of the year, March 29th, so we went to breakfast, then went snowboarding for the last time this season, and it was beautiful! Only had to wear a long sleeve shirt! And I feel like we just ate and ate food all day!

Here are the newlyweds! Cute as ever! We hang out a lot, and always have the funnest time!
My cute Travis got me my first sewing machine! I was so shocked! What a cutie! I've loved being 26 so far....

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dry Shampoo

I've been hearing about dry shampoos for a while, and I am a fan of just using baby powder. I decided to try this one from Sexy hair, and I am very impressed! It really does work, and saves me on the days I don't wash my hair! It's a clay and mineral based product. It helps add body, because it absorbs excess oils and product build up in your hair. The first time I used it, I held it too close to my head, and it looked like I spray painted white into my hair! "Hi, I'm Grandma!" If you use this, just make sure to hold it out away from your head!;)