Thursday, May 15, 2008

Weekend in Detroit? What the.......

Now I know you are all wondering, why in the world, would I go to Detroit. Trust me if I was going to go all the way there, it had better be good. Indeed it was! I went with my dad, 2 of my brothers, and my sister, to sit front row, at 2 baseball games, to see the N Y Yankees play the Tigers. We are the world's biggest Yankee fans. (We even put an NY on our roof in Christmas lights during Christmas) It's so weird because I feel like we are like best friends with the players, and to only give me a head nod, well that really hurt my feelings!

My sister got her ball autographed while I tried to take pictures. We pretty much risked our lives. The players come over, and everyone swarms like ants on a cookie. So you have to be pretty aggressive! This is Bobby Abreu the right fielder. They are so big in real life. At this moment people are knocking me around. I kept taking pictures of some one's head cause I was getting pushed so bad.

These are where our seats were. They were so sweet!

Jeter! All I wanted was a hug. Just one hug is that too much to ask? I mean come on!!

Alright so the Yankees ended up losing, but they won the next day!! Then Sat night we went to the Red wings hockey game against the Dallas Stars. We also got 2nd row seats, and they are in the play offs! I now love hockey so much!! It was a great weekend!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Best Vacation Ever!!

Well today was the first day back to work after being in Paradise for a week. We had so much fun! It was so hard to leave to come home and to try to force ourselves out of bed this morning! Here are some pic's of all the fun!! Warning There are tons of picture especially close ups!!
Day 1- 5:00 am flight to Puerto Rico! Notice our then pasty white faces!Walking up to the top deck to see the boat take off! Out of no where, it started raining so hard!

Day 2- Every morning we would all meet for breakfast, and plan out our day, this day we were in St. Thomas, and we went to Koci beach and snorkeled, played cricket (notice Travis's bat in the picture which got confiscated when we came back on the cruise boat because they said it could be used as a weapon), we also played Frisbee, ate at this great beach side grill named Mailman's.

Playing cricket! It was so fun and everyone was watching us. We don't know if it's because they enjoyed watching, of if they were in fear of looking away because we might hit them with the ball!

They have these awesome cases you can put your camera in to make it water proof. Only $20!! They work great!
Every night we had a fancy dinner! yum yum!
Waiting for the entertainment to start! We were never bored!
Day3- Dominica, was very rain forest like, we found the most awesome guide/taxi driver named Shy Guy. I wanted to bring him home and have him be my best friend. Total rasta.
So beautiful!

Then we swam threw these caves to get to this other waterfall. It's the same one Johnny Depp swam through in Pirate of the Caribbean. It was to cool.

Formal Night! We saw some pretty sweet get up there! Remember Saved by the bell? Puffy sleeves? Yeah.
Day 4- Barbados! We rented scooters and cruised to Silver sands beach. Some went body surfing, and some layed out!
The beaches were like a dream. This picture is almost perfect. Travis's hair ruins it! J/K (but seriously)
They drive on the opposite side of the road. With the combination of that, and Travis driving, we almost got hit a few times.

Day 5- St. Lucia, Boat tour!
This was a bat cave! You could hear and see bats!

Playing soccer with the locals.

Day 6-Antigua! 365 beautiful beaches. A beach for everyday of the year. They were by far the most beautiful. We went to one called Long Bay. The sand was soooo soft. There was a huge reef to snorkel on. There were all these cute shops, and a asked one lady how much this cute dress was, and she started talking Spanish to me, so i said, "In English?" she said, "oh I thought you were Spanish!" I smiled so hard! It was the best part of the trip!!!

I love this picture! It makes me laugh every time!

The 2nd formal night.... The night Brett got freaky and down! One of the hi-lites of the whole trip!
Day 7 St. Kitts-We took a tour around the whole island and took stops at these really pretty places. So Travis found his shirt and the little shops, and loved it soo much he wore it for 2 days straight! So if you see him be sure to tell him it rocks!

Last day in Puerto Rico!

Flying kites in PR. Well I think we are officially hooked to cruises. They are the best and we highly recommend them to everyone!