Monday, August 11, 2008


This summer has been so busy, but we were able to finally squeeze in a quick trip to Cali! We drove, but I had my new Breaking Dawn book, so it was all good. (By the way, I'm pretty happy that there is finally some better action between Edward and Bella! It was painful to read before! I know the author is LDS and all, but seriously, way to get me all into it, and then, ---ruin it!!! ha ha haha!!) We started off our trip to The Grove Mall in Hollywood. Our main stop was for Travis's little sister Addie who turned 10 and wanted to go to the American Girl Doll store. This mall was amazing!! Love it!

Then we went to an Angels baseball game, and who do you think they were playing? The Yankees!!

P.S. My hair is darker now.
What's a game with out.... chew!!!
The next day we went to New Port beach. It was prefect weather! Travis always looks like this when he eats cookies. He's always flexing and sucking in. It's just natural!!!

Then we stayed our last night at Jeremy and Stefanie's house in Bakersfield. They have a pool and this is everyone playing the game where you have to push the other person off their floaty. Apparently is was pretty fun! Cause there is only one girl, yet all I heard was giggling and girl screams!! We had a blast!!