Wednesday, December 15, 2010


This fall the weather this was was incredible, and so we were able to get out a lot and do the things we love!
These were family pics we took over Thanksgiving with my family. Looking at these pics made me realize how big my family is getting!

We did a bit of biking. Here we are with Mallory and Greg, (Trav's sister and her husband) at the Wasatch Crest trail. It started in Big Cottonwood canyon and ended in Mill Creek Canyon. It was beautiful!

These are our pics from hiking Timp in Oct! So glad I finally did it! Can't wait to do it again!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

LP and Chicago

Trav, Kung Fu!!! Take that!
Me wakeboarding
We even got Trav's Dad to surf! And no, he's not wearing socks or a shirt! It was his first time surfing, wearing no socks and no shirt!
The Group!! This was on our boat drive to some Arches
Me surfin

Hallie, the water Goddess!! Reeeeerrr!
Our new boat!!:)

I've never seen a father take care of a baby like this!!

Taylor, my Favorite ever!! haha!
High Five! Awesome!!!!

riding the Farris wheel
Navie Pier
Shopping Street!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Millennium Park

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Every time a new season comes, I feel like the change, makes me want other changes in certain areas of life. We have some fun changes come up and it feels so good!

We sold our boat, and got a new one! Pictures are to come later! It's a Master craft X-30. We found it in Reno, for such a great deal, we couldn't pass it up! Who do we think we are? Who buys a boat when they should buy a house? Us of course! We took it to Lake Powell for a week over Labor Day. One of the best decisions we've make thus far in life;) We loved our old boat, but it wasn't made to do the things we wanted to be doing, like wake boarding, and surfing. Wow, what a difference this new boat is! I've wanted to do most of the driving, which is also a change! I wanted to learn how to do the hitch, work all the buttons,and everything... who knows why! It's been so worth the investment, and we love to do it together, and can't wait to do it with our kids! It's always a fun time!

A day after Lake Powell, Travis headed out to Milwaukee, for 3 weeks for training, on a new position at work. Ever since Trav started working at Dentrix, he has wanted this position. He was told to apply for it a few months ago, and waiting to hear back was so stressful, but I've never seen him that happy since the day he married me!;) So now he is a field rep for Henry Schien, and travels around Utah to Dentist's offices to try to get them to let him be their rep. It totally fits his personality, and he is so motivated. His office is at home now, so that's been great! I went out to visit him in the middle of training, and we went to Chicago. I LOVED it! I can't wait to go back! It reminded me so much of NYC, but smaller, and soo much friendlier!

So Travis got home on Friday, and Sat we went to go trail running up AF canyon, and at the last second, decided to hike TIMP! It was such a beautiful day, and I'd never done it. I for sure didn't realize how far it was, and we were booking it up! When we were about 15 min from reaching the peak, down came this guy and his 18 year old daughter. We were so tired, and we stopped to let them by, and as they got closer, we heard her just chatting her heart out, and walking so fast, and not even looking at where she was going. She was pretty severely autistic, and just darling. It was soooo not a good time to see her up there bouncing around the mountain and not watching her steps. It is seriously sketchy at the top, and I felt like a wuss compared to her!

I'll never look at that mountain the same! I pretty much kicked it in the growing... felt good to conquer it! And we are still soar!

Next I'll post pics of all these adventures!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

If only...

We just saw 500 days of Summer...cutest show ever! I was dying at this part and thought, "If only.. if only we could dance like that in the street when we felt this good, and everyone was color coordinated, and in unison!" Life would be good!

Monday, July 19, 2010


It's been HOT! On Friday and Sat, swimming wasn't enough to find relief from this heat!

So I remembered about the Root Beer stand at Vivian Park, and it has always looked sooo refreshing and delicious, and it sounded so good! So I drove my nephews and I up there!

Soooooo hit the spot!

As for me, I wanted to drink out of the top!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Liquid Paradise!

What is it exactly, that makes Lake Powell Paradise? I'll tell you! Better yet show you!
Even Brett, who has crutches, and a cast, couldn't resist! There are no exceptions why someone shouldn't come!

Wake boarding! This is me, so much fun!

Bracken surfing

Ah the tube! I felt like a punching bag! Yet we were laughing our brains out! Not funny to get that hurt!

Hanging on for dear life!

Out of the 600 pictures we took there, this one is my favorite! Every time I look at Bracken's legs I die laughing!! (he's in the middle)

Trav going down the slide they built! And landing in like 2 inches of water!

While testing out the slide, Cory slid off the slide into the tree. Just making sure we got all the kinks out;)

Again, couldn't resist being in on the fun!

See why I love this face?;p

Britt showing everyone up! Girl power!
The sunsets are breathtaking! There's nothing, I'd rather do than be in Powell with great company, great food, great weather, being out in the sun and on the boat, hiking, swimming, cruising, games, music, no cell phone, forgetting about life and worries! My favorite memories are here! Glad we can keep making more!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lake Mead

Last April, my brother Aaron and his family moved to Henderson, NV. My other brother Curtis and his family live in Vegas and we thought it'd be fun to take an early boating trip to Lake Mead and visit family! So we headed down, in the first part of May. Andrew and Melissa came with us! We took a boat ride over to Hoover Dam. The weather was so nice, it was so fun to sit and enjoy the scenery!
Aaron, Taven, Izzie, Kate, and Shan

Andrew and Kate

We found some ducks, and thought it'd be fun to feed them. We found out they don't like EZ cheese! Then we left and went on a drive, about 5 or 6 miles away. We stopped to hang out again, and after a while, guess who showed up? That's right! The ducks! They had found us! We were so happy and stunned, so we feed them some more!

Andrew and Melissa

Don't worry! We made sure to stop at the Green Valley Buffet! Oh it was the best! I love to get one of everything and taste them all!