Sunday, December 11, 2011

Merry & BRIGHT

I was extra excited to do Christmas cards this year, for this very reason! We either needed a dog or a baby. Who knew this would be so exciting for me! He is our little monkey!

This was on Thanksgiving.

These are the grand kids on my side of our family. 17 and counting!! Never a dull moment!

Chaz and Katie

Halloween. Fish. Pole. Bait.

In the middle of Oct. we took a boating trip to Sand Hollow in St. George. It was so needed, since I couldn't go all summer. Chaz was perfect. I'm so thrilled to have a baby that does so well where ever we go. We are sure to keep him on his schedule, and it keeps us all happy.

It feels so great to be doing the things I was before a baby. When I was pregnant, it felt like I would never be in shape again, or be able to do the fun stuff that I really love to do.

Things are very busy for us, and I feel like I don't get anything done. Mainly because I want to stare at Chaz and be with him every second possible. We take him everywhere we go and he brings so much life and fun! He hangs out at work with me, and is quite the girl enthusiast! He already flirts so much. But he just hangs out and is a perfect little baby. I can't even believe how fun he is and how well it works out. I'm wondering what the trade off is?? Next baby is rotten, all people tell me. So I'll enjoy every second I can!