Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mr & Mrs Amigos!

So we made it back to reality. Travis and I just got back from a cruise with my sister Deon and her hubby Scott. It went to Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Cabo. Here are a thousand pictures to prove it!

The first day was my birthday! Turning 25 was the best birthday ever!
Our cheeeeesey pose!
Someone has a problem!

On the boat going out to snorkel!

Gross lobster! (it was dead)
Travis with a blow fish. Under the water is a whole different world.

Scott with a puffer fish! It had a creepy face!
Yes.... I ate frog legs, and they tasted like chicken!
Sooooo much delicious food!

On the boat over to Stone Island.
Give me a beach and the sun, and I'm so in heaven!

The authentic food was to die for! If we got a worm it was worth it!
I got soo wasted! Ok not really, but we acted like it.
Riding horses on the beach! You know you all have that dream to do that!I had Gandolf's white horse, Shadow Fax.So hungry!! Just waiting for my food!
Cute Deon

In Cabo on the glass bottom boat, on our way to Lover's Beach!
Tons of sea lions!
We even went para sailing! It was so amazing!I was looking for a job in Cabo so I didn't have to leave! It was so beautiful!
Just being sexy and stuff...
My hottie!

To end it off, we spent a couple days in LA with Jer, Stef, and Ellia! So much fun! It was a hard vacation to come home from!