Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Heart Lake Powell!

Every year we go to Lake Powell in Sept with Travis's Aunt and their fam and then his uncle and their fam. The weather was perfect! 90 degrees, and the water temp was 82. There was no wind. I could live there.
Late night games of Pitt. Doug said we sounded like the seagulls on Nemo.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Fun Never Stops!!

We spent Labor Day weekend in St. George at our friends condo. It was such a blast. We did some biking, hiking, swimming, shopping, and lots of Rock band!!!! It was pretty pathetic how easily entertained we were by this game as you can tell! All night, all day.
Travis got pretty into it and started jumping on the couch.
We went hiking and climbing. It was so good to spend so much time outside.

Bo and Bronx. It was a little windy!!The kids found a frog, and at first, they were so scared of it and wouldn't even touch it. About 20 min later, they were squeezing it, and trying to feed it chips, and it was their best friend! Poor frog...

Just getting done eating at the best place ever!! The Bear Paw. Then the trip was complete!

The weekend before, we went to our friends cabin in Lava. And we can always count on the best times ever!

We started off by fishing at the Lava Ranch pond!Cute Scott and Jocie!!!We went swimming and floated down the river on tubes the next day. Travis and Nick on the top platform. They are insane!!
The 2 cutest little girls ever!! The best was when we found Travis playing house upstairs with these 2 girls. He was the dad. We spied on them, and he was fighting, saying he wanted to go fishing. It hit a little too close to home! It was so cute! We always have so much fun. It's one of those trips where everyone gets along and we dread having to go home.