Friday, September 11, 2009


So our favorite Jordan is home from his mission! In celebration, we went to Lake Powell. Our annual trip has become mandatory!

Here's the group on our hike up Forgotten Canyon to the Indian petroglyphs.

Just adding to my heritage!

Travis gets better and better at wake boarding each time we go out! It's been such a blast being able to do so!

I LOVE boat rides. I'm so relaxed and dazed!
Surfing it up!

I absolutely love Lake Powell. It has the best scenery, it's so peaceful, I leave all my stresses at home, no one had a cell phone, and my blood loves to boil! What a breath of fresh air! ( except for the house boat at the end of the trip! PHEW!)

Mallory, my inspiration! Girl Power! Welcome home Jordan! And what a fun fun trip! Of coarse there are always dramatic things that happen boating, but it sure doesn't stop from going every year!