Sunday, December 7, 2008

Thanksgiving & New York

Here we are in Time Square! Travis had another trade show this year in New York. We stay right in Time Square and it's definitely one of my favorite places ever!

The first day, and the start of our shopping!

At the MTV store, they had rock band, and leave it to Travis to jump right in and join the fun!

Don't they all just look so over enthused??!!!

Shar and I! My new shopping partner! Our husbands had to work all day, so we hung out and had a blast! She is 7 months prego, and never got tired! Yeah, don't even think of expecting the same out of me when I'm pregnant!

We went to the Rockettes show!!

Right before the show....Brandon, Shar, and me!

It was so amazing!

The Tree at Rockefeller during the day before it lit up.

the windows at Anthropology are the Best!

Inside Serendipity. It was the cutest place. And the desert was to die for!!!!!!!

At the Betsey Johnson store!! Oh how I love her stuff!!

Outside of Spanky's

The Yankee store! Good thing we brought an extra suit case! It was stuffed by the end! We got tons of stuff for the fam here!

We ate somewhere new everyday, the best was Carmine's... it's Italian. This was at a Chilean place.

And of coarse we ate toooo much cheese cake!! Every night!!

The famous Naked Cowboy! And it was so freezing! He's crazy.

Stomp was UNREAL!! LOVED IT!!

At the Tree!

I was so sad to leave! It was the BEST!

We started off Thanksgiving, with the Turkey Trot!

Erica, me, and Trav

Some of my cousins and my Aunt LaDawn

Aaron, back off from the potatoes!

Shan and Olivia!!! Cuties!!

Some of the cooks!! April and my Ma

The master of mashed potatoes. He really puts his back into it. But seriously, they are as smooth as butta!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Twilight & Owl Bar

Yeah, so I've never been to a midnight showing for any movie, and I've never had so much anticipation and shortness of breath, leading up to a movie like I did for Twilight!! As well as every other girl. I knew there was going to be a ton of ridiculous people who think this stuff is real, but I actually found myself to be over enthused about it as well! Here are pictures of us waiting, and waiting, and waiting......

My brother-in-law had a gig up at Sundance at the Owl bar. He is so so so talented. We had a blast. At this point in the picture, this kid started dancing, and took his shirt off.

That's all it took for us to join in and get up ourselves!

Such a fun night! His next gig is in Park City on Dec 20. You should come!!!!! It's at the Spur.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Pics

The polygamists!Jedidiah Beth with hair reaching the high heavens!!

3 Witches

Our Children

Super Ashlynn

Mom Jeans! Andrew Really was wearing my mom's jeans!


Scott and Jocie!