Sunday, December 11, 2011

Merry & BRIGHT

I was extra excited to do Christmas cards this year, for this very reason! We either needed a dog or a baby. Who knew this would be so exciting for me! He is our little monkey!

This was on Thanksgiving.

These are the grand kids on my side of our family. 17 and counting!! Never a dull moment!

Chaz and Katie

Halloween. Fish. Pole. Bait.

In the middle of Oct. we took a boating trip to Sand Hollow in St. George. It was so needed, since I couldn't go all summer. Chaz was perfect. I'm so thrilled to have a baby that does so well where ever we go. We are sure to keep him on his schedule, and it keeps us all happy.

It feels so great to be doing the things I was before a baby. When I was pregnant, it felt like I would never be in shape again, or be able to do the fun stuff that I really love to do.

Things are very busy for us, and I feel like I don't get anything done. Mainly because I want to stare at Chaz and be with him every second possible. We take him everywhere we go and he brings so much life and fun! He hangs out at work with me, and is quite the girl enthusiast! He already flirts so much. But he just hangs out and is a perfect little baby. I can't even believe how fun he is and how well it works out. I'm wondering what the trade off is?? Next baby is rotten, all people tell me. So I'll enjoy every second I can!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'll make this as short as I can.... but there has been lots going on with us! As you can see, we are busy playing with our little love! He is so fun, and such a happy baby. We can't get enough of him. I thought by now I would want some sort of break, but I can't wait to spend every min I can with this handsome guy!

He's been loving his bumbo seat! (Thanks so much Lauren!) He's been able to use it since about 6 or 7 weeks.

This day we went hiking in the Uintahs. We go on lots of hikes! Chaz loves it!

We blessed Chaz on Sept 4th. It was such a great day. Other than the blow out, in his perfectly white blessing clothes!

We took Chaz boating and he loved it!!

Went to Fish Lake with all the Gillespie's last weekend for Trav's parents 50th b days. It was gorgeous! We took our bikes, went fishing, hiking. It was so fun.

Happy lil camper!

It's so cute to see Trav fish with Chaz. He would talk about it ever since we got married! I'm so lucky, and so is Chaz to have Trav as a dad!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gone in 60 Seconds

Does anyone else feel like this last month flew by in 60 seconds? I can't believe it! Chaz is 5 weeks old and has just been so much fun! We've been out with him alot on walks and picnics and to visit everyone. He's been such a good baby..... we are waiting for the trade off! We feel so lucky and don't know how it happened! this is Chaz and his cousin Gage

Chaz looks exactly like my baby pics! I always wondered what I'd look like as a boy!!

1 month old!

The term " sleeping like a baby" brings a whole new meaning! Nothing phases them when they want their sleep!

2 weeks old at a family reunion. We never knew being parents really is the best thing ever! We love love love this little munchkin and can't get enough of him! I feel like it would be really easy to be one of those parents who make their kids so attached to them that they never want to leave! I'll try not to!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


I can't believe it! Our little angel is 2 weeks old. I have been meaning to post this ever since he was born, but I haven't wanted to spend one second away from him that I didn't have to! He has been so incredibly fun and wonderful! I don't know how we got so lucky to have him, and to have him be such a great baby! Well.... I'll begin with the nursery, we added a few things. We made a cornus for the window.

We hung pics and I made a bird mobile. I took the whole month of July off, and he wasn't born until the 14th, (4 days late) so I had fun working on a few projects!

Well this was the morning we had him! I ended up having to have a c section, because I wasn't dialating and he never dropped. We actually loved doing it this way!! We had a time we were scheduled, I never had to do labor, and it took about 20 min! I was nervous about my recovery, but it really hasn't been bad and really I'm so happy about it all!

In my hot gown getting prepped!

Travis begged for a cap like McSteamy! He hated the puffy white one they gave him below, and so the nurse got a kick out of Travis and happily gave him a new one!

While we were waiting to be taken back, Travis was cracking me up! Here he said he was a Bee keeper! We were just so excited and nervous, that we were making ourselves laugh to calm ourselves!

Here he is! Such an angel from the beginning! He stopped crying and went so calm the second they brought him to me and he heard my voice! I've never experienced anything so great in my life!

Our first family photo!

We are so obsessed with Chaz! We are constantly fighting over him, and I could stare at him all day long!

I've never been so proud of something in all my life!

He really just sleeps all the time, and when he is awake he just looks around, and is so content. I hope it lasts!

My niece Lucy has been so sweet with Chaz! My brother says she cries everyday because she wants to come and hold baby "Traz"

Cutest Dad. Trav has been such a great help! They are always watching fishing and hunting shows together!

Hanging with friends

What mom doesn't take a million pics of their baby?

He loves to lay on my chest, and is so cuddley

One week old Chaz and his cousin Gage, Mallory's baby. They are 2 weeks apart. Too cute! Being a mom is the neatest thing in the world. I'm so lucky to be able to be Chaz's mom! We love him soooooo much!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

They Call it Nesting

Picking a name for this little guy, was easy for us. Chaz Jeffrey Gillespie. We have liked the name Chaz for about 3 years, and the day we found out we are having a boy, we instantly started calling him that without any question! It seams like there is so much anticipation for people to know what you are going to name your baby. They can't wait to hear! For us we picture Chaz to be a stud, and amazing at everything he does, and when we are at his baseball games we can hear ourselves yelling, "GO CHAZ!" I also personally love that the name Chaz is a nick name for Charles. I can also see myself throwing that in with an English accent here and there!

We started working on Chaz's nursery about a month ago, and it has been so fun to try and imagine a baby in here! I really didn't want it to look too babyish. I wanted some uniquness, funness and happy! Cause that's exactly what I picture about a boy made by Travis and I! We still need to get a glider chair, but we put this one in there for now! We still need to hang some things on the wall, and put different things on the night stand and dresser.

We found this mini armore on KSL. It was red. I painted the edges tourquoise, then painted it all white, then sanded the edges so the tourquoise would show through, then glazed it gray. Then mod podged cute orange paper on ( you can't see the cute pattern on the paper here) Then added cute knobs!

This is how it all started! I found this rug from Anthropology and I died. So this is the focal point. But I decided to leave out the fuchsia!

We found this awsome brick panelling at Lowe's. It's 3D, and all we had to do was nail it to the wall! I still need to find bedding, which I just want to be white or gray.Travis got this hammock on his mission in the Carribean. He used to sleep in it, and it couldn't be a more perfect fun addition to this room!

Bright orange, and it has little birdies knitted into it!!!!

I was so excited to show trav this lamp after I bought it! Nothing other than a fly rod!

AAAAhhhhhh yes, here is the proud momma! I can't believe how hard this little dude already kicks me! I only have about 7 weeks left!! It really is soooo exciting. Even though I'm scared to death to give birth, cause there is only one way this guy's coming out and from the way he has already been a stinker, I can only imagine, he won't let me forget it!!

I really hate posing for pictures while I'm prego, and this is what I really want to do to the camera! But that's my only complaint for right now!!