Thursday, July 28, 2011


I can't believe it! Our little angel is 2 weeks old. I have been meaning to post this ever since he was born, but I haven't wanted to spend one second away from him that I didn't have to! He has been so incredibly fun and wonderful! I don't know how we got so lucky to have him, and to have him be such a great baby! Well.... I'll begin with the nursery, we added a few things. We made a cornus for the window.

We hung pics and I made a bird mobile. I took the whole month of July off, and he wasn't born until the 14th, (4 days late) so I had fun working on a few projects!

Well this was the morning we had him! I ended up having to have a c section, because I wasn't dialating and he never dropped. We actually loved doing it this way!! We had a time we were scheduled, I never had to do labor, and it took about 20 min! I was nervous about my recovery, but it really hasn't been bad and really I'm so happy about it all!

In my hot gown getting prepped!

Travis begged for a cap like McSteamy! He hated the puffy white one they gave him below, and so the nurse got a kick out of Travis and happily gave him a new one!

While we were waiting to be taken back, Travis was cracking me up! Here he said he was a Bee keeper! We were just so excited and nervous, that we were making ourselves laugh to calm ourselves!

Here he is! Such an angel from the beginning! He stopped crying and went so calm the second they brought him to me and he heard my voice! I've never experienced anything so great in my life!

Our first family photo!

We are so obsessed with Chaz! We are constantly fighting over him, and I could stare at him all day long!

I've never been so proud of something in all my life!

He really just sleeps all the time, and when he is awake he just looks around, and is so content. I hope it lasts!

My niece Lucy has been so sweet with Chaz! My brother says she cries everyday because she wants to come and hold baby "Traz"

Cutest Dad. Trav has been such a great help! They are always watching fishing and hunting shows together!

Hanging with friends

What mom doesn't take a million pics of their baby?

He loves to lay on my chest, and is so cuddley

One week old Chaz and his cousin Gage, Mallory's baby. They are 2 weeks apart. Too cute! Being a mom is the neatest thing in the world. I'm so lucky to be able to be Chaz's mom! We love him soooooo much!


Megan Parkes said...

Such a beautiful family, I'm so happy for you guys! He is adorable. Congrats!

Alli Hunter said...

Seriously Liz!! You're not supposed to look like a super model 1 week after having a baby!! You're so beautiful! And oh my goodness, your baby boy is sooo precious. You guys remind me so much of when we had Crew, the first really is the funnest...enjoy him, he'll grow right before your eyes!!

Morgan said...

LIZ!!! Congratulations! He is so perfect and adorable. So happy for you!

Audrey Crisp said...

Oh my gosh! I'm in love with him! He's so cute!! I love what you did with his nursery! Keep the pics comin'!!!

The Bowldens said...

he is so gorgeous! i am so truly happy for you guys! you look incredible liz!

Jared, Heather Emmett said...

I love all your pics. Travis would be a good one to have in the delivery room constantly cracking you up to help relieve nervousness. What a darling baby boy!! I'm so happy all went so well! Hope you keep taking lots of pictures and sharing them!

Chelsea said...

Oh LiZ! He is PRECIOUS!!! And you look beautiful in every shot. How do you do it???

The beekeeper thing is genius! Ha!

Makenzie said...

I love love him! He looks so squishy and just right! I wish I looked like you after having a baby! Sigh....someday! :) I am so happy for you and I hope you are taking in every moment because they go by soo fast! xoxo Let me know if you need anything!

Whitney said...

Liz! Seriously who looks that amazing after having a baby?!? Honestly you are the cutest thing! Chaz is the cutest thing! Love the nursery and I'm so glad your a mama! Yay! Isn't it the greatest, most amazing thing you have ever experienced? Love ya and I cant wait to see him xoxo

Laura said...

Aw, Liz! I'm sooo soo soo excited for you guys! He is super precious, and you look great, ya little bitch!
Also, I'm obsessed with your nursery! I need you to take some closer pictures of everything, like that MOBILE! How the heck did you do that??

The Milligan Blog said...

The cutest most darling post ever Liz!!!!! What a freakin cute baby you had!!! He is sooooo cute!! Isn't it so fun!?! There is nothing like the first. Soak it up!!! You guys are gonna love all that is ahead!! Congrats again!! Miss you! :)