Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Makin Memories on Memorial Weekend

My Grandpa's grave is in St. George, so whenever we get the chance for Memorial weekend, my family loves to go visit it. We stayed in some condos in Green Valley. My favorite part of the trip was that it was 100% sunny! We spent all the time we could swimming!

Yankees were playing and so we did what we do best! Eat and party!

For some reason we think it's funny to act like mannequins are alive, and we take pictures with them???

Waiting for FOOD!

Why do kids listen to I pods 24/7?

Travis was on a fishing trip, which takes precedence, no questions asked! So I had this cute girl to keep me fully entertained! Love her!!

This is my Mom's Dad's grave. He was my Indian grandpa, who I am so proud to honor. He's been gone for 11 years, and I miss him so much. I love all the memories I still have of him.

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Perfect Weekend

This last weekend Travis had a trade show in Anaheim, and I decided to go with! On Friday, I was able to go to some of my favorite clients house in Coto de Caza, and do their hair. Everyday I would wake up, work out for how ever long I wanted, and not feel rushed, and then laid by the pool all afternoon by myself and read, then shop for a while until Travis came back, then we'd all go to dinner, at the companies expense. It was heaven! What more could I ask for? Nothing! We stayed at a darling hotel by Disneyland called The Candy Cane Inn. I felt like I was in a cartoon. There were cute little birds chirping all day, it smelt like candy and flowers, and there were cute trees and flowers, and bright colors everywhere! I loved it! Going back to work was so hard and my legs were not used to it. That's it, I'm going back to the pool!