Tuesday, May 17, 2011

They Call it Nesting

Picking a name for this little guy, was easy for us. Chaz Jeffrey Gillespie. We have liked the name Chaz for about 3 years, and the day we found out we are having a boy, we instantly started calling him that without any question! It seams like there is so much anticipation for people to know what you are going to name your baby. They can't wait to hear! For us we picture Chaz to be a stud, and amazing at everything he does, and when we are at his baseball games we can hear ourselves yelling, "GO CHAZ!" I also personally love that the name Chaz is a nick name for Charles. I can also see myself throwing that in with an English accent here and there!

We started working on Chaz's nursery about a month ago, and it has been so fun to try and imagine a baby in here! I really didn't want it to look too babyish. I wanted some uniquness, funness and happy! Cause that's exactly what I picture about a boy made by Travis and I! We still need to get a glider chair, but we put this one in there for now! We still need to hang some things on the wall, and put different things on the night stand and dresser.

We found this mini armore on KSL. It was red. I painted the edges tourquoise, then painted it all white, then sanded the edges so the tourquoise would show through, then glazed it gray. Then mod podged cute orange paper on ( you can't see the cute pattern on the paper here) Then added cute knobs!

This is how it all started! I found this rug from Anthropology and I died. So this is the focal point. But I decided to leave out the fuchsia!

We found this awsome brick panelling at Lowe's. It's 3D, and all we had to do was nail it to the wall! I still need to find bedding, which I just want to be white or gray.Travis got this hammock on his mission in the Carribean. He used to sleep in it, and it couldn't be a more perfect fun addition to this room!

Bright orange, and it has little birdies knitted into it!!!!

I was so excited to show trav this lamp after I bought it! Nothing other than a fly rod!

AAAAhhhhhh yes, here is the proud momma! I can't believe how hard this little dude already kicks me! I only have about 7 weeks left!! It really is soooo exciting. Even though I'm scared to death to give birth, cause there is only one way this guy's coming out and from the way he has already been a stinker, I can only imagine, he won't let me forget it!!

I really hate posing for pictures while I'm prego, and this is what I really want to do to the camera! But that's my only complaint for right now!!