Monday, November 30, 2009

Dad's Surprise!

It was my Dad's 60th so we decided to have a surprise party! Our family will remember it forever because it ended up being one of the funnest days with our whole family! This is him walking in, and looking at my mom, cause he was so confused!! She had to tell her first lie to get him to come!! It's okay mom! ;) We made him a cake out of jelly filled donuts because they are his fav! And of coarse, with sorbet ice cream! Can't you tell how excited we all were to eat it by the way we were crowded around it?? We proceeded to have a talent show! We all did things we haven't done, in years!! So FUNNY! Here is Andrew break dancing! Yup, still got it!!

Who said a prego lady can't break dance? Not us!!! Yup still got it!

I busted out my jump rope routine from 6th grade! OES jump team! Yup still got it! ( was so soar the next day!!)


Ashlyn playing the violin! So talented at 8 years old!
Family came from all over to be here, and it meant so much to my dad!

Love the pose!! Good job everyone for keepin it a surprise!!

Monday, November 2, 2009


Halloween is becoming one of my favorite holidays! I love it when people go all out and we get a kick out of dressing up!

We started out at my family's house. Here is Ashlyn, Edward's cousin.Then we boogied over to Travis's Aunt and Uncles house for the next party!

Howdy Jessie!

Here's Jermaine and Britney Spears from the Toxic video!Brett and Jermain,

Darth...dun dun dun da dun dun, da da dun

Princess Leah never looked so good, and who would've thought she went well with ketchup and mustard?

Here we are! Roller Derby Rules!!!

Check out my sweet wheels!! They are my 8 year old nieces!!!