Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Holidays

Right before Christmas, My dear Grammy Nelson passed away. She was 83. She was beautiful, kind, courageous, thoughtful, happy, funny, sweet, wise, thoughful, strong, witty, pleasant, and so dear to my heart. She had been living at my mom's this past year because she was struggling and because of it, I got to spend much more time with her. She has been in so much pain, and went through so much the last year of her life, so for her to be relieved of her pain is such a blessing, yet I miss her so very much. I'm so glad she got to meet Chaz. She was living in St. George befor she moved here and if she didn't come, I don't know that they would've ever met. I'm so happy that she gets to be with my Grandpa now! When he died, a little bit of my grandma did too. I believe in gardian angels and know they will be watching over us! It was too much fun having a baby at Christmas! He is so spoiled. He got fishing waders from Travis's mom, and she made them! By far the best present for Trav and Chaz!


♥ Audrey Crisp said...

How fun! Looks like a great Holiday. Sorry to hear about your Grandma. She sounded like a marvelous person!

Merrells said...

I agree, Christmas is so much better with kids! Sorry to hear about your grandma and uncle. So hard but always helps to inspire you to be better. I think you're great! :)